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Professional thesis, dissertation, manuscript and essay editing from the experts at TDM Editing. We offer expert quality service at affordable flat rate prices that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.


inspired researchers, writers and editors working together on one team: Yours.

Thesis, dissertation, manuscript and essay editing from the experts at TDM Editing. We offer expert quality service at affordable flat rate prices.

Standard Editing

Standard Editing

Standard editing begins with a comprehensive analysis of your document's quality, clarity and tone followed by copy editing and proofreading.

Standard Editing Features

$20 per hour

Standard editing ensures that your document uses a clear and concise writing style which involves eliminating awkward phrasing, rewriting problem sentences and formatting your document for publication.

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Premium Editing

Premium Editing

Premium editing takes a holistic approach to learn your needs, goals, pain points and expectations and results in tailoring our editing process for your document. 

Premium Editing Features

$30 per hour

Our premium editing service compliments our suite of editing practices  by taking into consideration the original intent, scope and readership of your work in addition to all of the features included in our standard editing service.

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Manuscript Editing

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript editing is an all inclusive service comprised of both standard and premium editing features. We'll also finalize your manuscript so that it is ready for publication.

Manuscript Editing Features

$100 per hour

Our manuscript editing service is the ultimate package that ensures your research will get published in a reputable journal. We provide pre and post submission support and will work with you free of charge after every 15 billable hours per submission.

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While in school getting our masters and doctorate degrees we experienced the nerve wracking stress of writing theses, proposals, essays and manuscripts. We understand the amount of effort it takes to write several thousand words only to find out that it does not meet the standards of your advisor, a certain committee member or peer reviewers and so we created TDM Editing. A collaborative solution to the problems of students and academic professionals. We are dedicated editors, inspired researchers and eloquent writers that work together on your team.