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Welcome to TDM Editing! We're really excited to publish our first blog post. TDM Editing makes completing your document quick, easy and stress free. When we sat down several years ago and began editing we never expected how well received our services would be. We're setting out to reduce the high price of editing a document and bring expert quality editing at extremely low prices to everyone that needs them.

Why I should have used an editor

Abdulah Hanifi

While getting my Master's of Science degree at the University of Florida I began my studies like any other graduate student. I went to my classes, worked on my thesis in my spare time, and thought I was doing pretty well. My first year and a half went by pretty smoothly.

Then the deadlines started approaching: my thesis had to be submitted by August 1st to the editorial office, my advisor wanted to have a committee meeting, the data had to be finalized, the defense date had to be set, everyone wanted to read my thesis...I was in trouble. I found myself stressed beyond imagination and when I finally sent my thesis to my advisor she wasn't impressed. I got an email that said something like this, "I think we should meet. Your thesis isn't ready for publication."

 "I think we should meet. Your thesis isn't ready for publication."

It was devastating. I had spent almost a full two years working on my thesis and suddenly my advisor wasn't willing to let me graduate? And that's when it hit me. The reason why my advisor wasn't happy with my thesis was because I had spent a year and a half working on my document alone. No one else had read my thesis, it wasn't edited properly, the formatting was off and I couldn't find the time or energy to completely rewrite any of it because I had to make presentations, TA classes and help with the other research in my lab. That's when I knew that I should have asked someone for help. I needed an editor.

"I needed an editor."

Even though I grew up reading and writing in English I realized that the reason my thesis was so poorly written was that I had never written a thesis before. I needed someone else to read my words, remove errors that were invisible to me and make sure that I was following an academic writing style. My advisor should have been able to help but she was too busy to edit my thesis a week before I was supposed to submit it. And to make matters even worse she was working on three or four manuscripts, teaching classes, and also working on a number of other committees and projects around campus. It would have been impossible for her to find time to edit every single line of my thesis for me. So I did a bit of research and found that many online editing services exist. There was only one problem; they were extremely overpriced. They offered very little value over what I could do myself if I just had a little more time. Then I turned to colleagues for help but by then I came to realize that my colleagues were just as busy me. It would have been extremely selfish of me to ask them to drop everything they were working on just to have my thesis edited.

"I came to realize that my colleagues were just busy as me."

I was left with no other choice. I had to delay my graduation until the following semester and focus completely on rewriting my thesis from the ground up. And in those six months I learned a lot. I completed not only my thesis but also a manuscript, a presentation for an international conference and I began helping others. At the time, many of my friends were international students. They were from all around the world: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Egypt, Brazil and even Tanzania. They also had one thing in common; they had come to America for graduate school and they were under even more stress than I ever was. Many of them had only been speaking English for a few years, so writing proposals, theses, dissertations and manuscripts was extremely difficult for them. They were in the same predicament that I had been in and this inspired me.

"They had come to America for graduate school and they were under even more stress than I ever was."

This was why I started my own online editing service TDM Editing. Its simple, T is for Thesis, D is for Dissertation, and M is for Manuscript. I recognized that all my colleagues and friends needed support that they could rely on. They needed someone that they could trust, someone they could talk to and someone that understood their situation. They didn't want to send a random person their document for editing or someone that would make minimal corrections and charge them a fortune. They wanted a reliable service that could help them get rid of all the stress that comes from transplanting yourself into another country and being expected to perform just as well as your native-English speaking colleagues. TDM Editing is that service.

Since those fateful years of finishing my master's degree I've helped others by editing theses, dissertations and manuscripts in fields of study like architecture, biology, medicine, nutrition, urban planning and even waste management. Through all this I've come to learn that it often just takes a little extra time and a little extra attention to help transform words on a page into a well written document.

We're looking forward to reading your theses, dissertations, manuscripts, and any other document you need edited. We'd also love to get your feedback on the site and our services. We're all ears at A huge thanks to all our fantastic clients who have given us the encouragement and continued support to continue editing.

-Forever Editing