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Professional thesis, dissertation, manuscript and essay editing from the experts at TDM Editing. We offer expert quality service at affordable flat rate prices that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

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Welcome to TDM Editing! We're really excited to publish our first blog post. TDM Editing makes completing your document quick, easy and stress free. When we sat down several years ago and began editing we never expected how well received our services would be. We're setting out to reduce the high price of editing a document and bring expert quality editing at extremely low prices to everyone that needs them.

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Why I should have used an editor

Abdulah Hanifi

This was why I started my own online editing service TDM Editing. Its simple, is for Thesis, is for Dissertation, and is for Manuscript. I recognized that all my colleagues and friends needed support that they could rely on. They needed someone that they could trust, someone they could talk to and someone that understood their situation. They didn't want to send a random person their document for editing or someone that would make minimal corrections and charge them a fortune. They wanted a reliable service that could help them get rid of all the stress that comes from transplanting yourself into another country and being expected to perform just as well as your native-English speaking colleagues. TDM Editing is that service.

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