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Professional thesis, dissertation, manuscript and essay editing from the experts at TDM Editing. We offer expert quality service at affordable flat rate prices that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.


Manuscript Editing

Writing a manuscript is a resource intensive process that makes it difficult to focus on other projects and so we decided to tailor our manuscript editing service for academics and professionals. We offer every resource available to help you complete your manuscript and get it published. And the best part about it? After 15 billable hours you will receive all editing help for free.

See below for additional details.

Manuscript Editing $100 PER HOUR

Our manuscript editing service is the ultimate package that ensures your research will get published in a reputable journal. We provide pre and post submission support and will work with you free of charge after every 15 billable hours per submission.

In addition to standard and premium editing features we will also assist you with the following services:

  • Formatting your manuscript, its tables and figures in accordance with author guidelines published by your journal of choice 
  • Double checking sources and ensuring citations are placed appropriately
  • Check for plagiarism with institutionally approved tools
  • Assist with resolving comments made by manuscript reviewers
  • Strengthening arguments, clarity and presentation of your manuscript
  • An on call editor to help you at a moments notice (available via Skype, Google Hangouts, telephone and WhatsApp)

Note: Manuscript Editing is returned to you within 14 days of document submission. If you require your document sooner there will be a 30% Express Service fee added to your invoice.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, electronic checking and PayPal. You can purchase prepaid Manuscript Editing hours for a 10% discounted rate via the payment menu.

Prepaid Manuscript Editing (10% Discount)